Bible Studies

St. Martin’s offers several weekly Bible Studies. These are great opportunities to continue your education, as well as expand your faith community.

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Thursday women’s bible study

This Women’s Bible study meets faithfully every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at the church. This group of ladies support each other in their faith walk. Their Bible study topics range from  specific books of the Bible to Christianity as a whole. Their discussions are in-depth and always interesting.

Wednesday Bible Study

Want to go more in-depth about Sunday’s texts? Come for an hour of text study with Pastor Will on Wednesdays, offered at 1 p.m. Pastor Will looks forward to the readings for the upcoming Sunday and examines them in detail, giving you a chance to reflect on the word every Wednesday.

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“Bible in a year” study

For the year of 2018, Pastor Will is going to read the entire Bible in a year in the order historians believe they took place – and is asking you to do the same! To follow along you can find the schedule for the whole year here. Every Saturday at 4 p.m. Pastor Will holds a weekly check-in going over the readings for the last week. Don’t worry, this isn’t a test but a journey – one we’d love you to take!